Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport RA Higher Education and Science Committee

On Supplementary Payments for a Degree

Question 1: In which cases are supplementary payments for a degree paid?

Answer: Supplements for academic degree (Doctor of Science or PhD) are paid to those researchers involved in the scientific and technical activity programs implemented at the expense of the RA state budget, only within one project, if the applicant's salary exceeds the minimum salary defined by law.

Question 2: Is it paid to people of retirement age holding a degree?

Answer: Supplementary payment for a degree is paid to those people of retirement age who are involved in programs and topics implemented within the Basic, Targeted project and Contractual (thematic) funding of scientific and technical activities carried out at the expense of the RA state budget, if their salary exceeds the minimum salary established by law.

Question 3: In what time frame and how often shall the applications for supplementary payments be submitted, and is it necessary to submit one if there are no changes in the lists?

Answer: Organizations submit the applications for supplementary payments to be awarded to researchers with academic degrees included in the state-funded projects to the Committee by January 25 of each budget year, as well as after the end of each quarter until the 15th of the following month, regardless of changes.

Question 4: What documents are required to be submitted to the RA Committee of Science in order to make changes in the lists for supplementary payments for a degree?

Answer: In case of need to make changes in the list of the researchers receiving supplementary payments, the organization shall apply to the Committee within 3 days, submitting copies of the documents substantiating the need to make changes (decrees on admission, dismissal, long-term leave or business trip, newly awarded certificates, etc.).

Question 5: Can the non-submission of information on supplementary payments for academic degrees by the organizations within the established timeframes and terms be a ground for termination of funding?

Answer: In case of late submission of applications or other required information by the organizations, the allocation of funds based on that data shall be terminated and resumed from the next month after their submission.

Question 6: Is there a supplementary payment for a degree envisaged in pregnancy or maternity leave, as well as for researchers on Child care leave for a child under 3 years of age?

Answer: Researchers holding a degree receive supplementary payment on pregnancy and maternity leave. Researchers on on Child care leave for a child under 3 years of age are not provided with a supplementary payment for a degree.

Question 7: In which case does a researcher holding a scientific degree continue receiving a supplement payment for a degree while on a long-term business trip abroad?

Answer: A Doctor of Sciences or PhD on a long-term business trip abroad continues receiving a supplement payment for a degree if they are a full-time employee of an organization conducting scientific and technical activities.