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Publication under the Financial Support of the Science Committee » «Լեզվի կիրառումն ու մտաշահարկումը իրավագիտության ոլորտում» The Use and Abuse of Language in the Legal Domain

The Use and Abuse of Language in the Legal Domain

Gasparyan S., Paronyan Sh., Muradyan G.

Edited by: Dylan Whitman Waller (USA), L. Avetisyan (PhD in Philology, Associate Prof, Yerevan State University)

Montreal, Arod Books, 2019, 232 pp.

The monograph presents an academic research aiming at exploring peculiar linguistic features of Legal English - a variety of thematically oriented language applied in the social domain. The focus is on the interaction of language and law. the specific nature of legal English, its practical use, as well as linguistic maneuver ing achieved by the manipulative strategies applied to the use of language. Of particular interest are the analysis and interpretation of the legal texts of Article 301 of the Penal Code of Turkey, revealing the linguistic manipulation through which the Turkish political authorities try to exert a devious influence on the public and stifle dissenting opinion.

Undertaken in the Research Laboratory of Anti-Armenian Propoganda Discourse in English, under the auspices of RA Science Committee.