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Active Calls

Full Name

Online Application Submission Deadline Hard Copy Submission to the Science Committee

Projected Financing Date

Call for Proposals "Support Program for Integration of the Incoming Researchers into the Scientific Community of the Republic of Armenia" 25.08.2023 01.09.2023

November 2023

Call for Projects for Professional Retraining of Scientific Personnel 25.08.2023 01.09.2023

December 2023

Probable Schedule of Future Calls

Full Name

Month of Announcement Projected Financing Date
Call for Scientific Projects in the field of Social Sciences, Armenian Studies and Humanities - 2024 September 2023 April 2024

Call for Projects in the fields of "Artificial Intelligence and Data Science", "Quantum Technologies", "Robotics" - 2024

September 2023 April 2024
Call for Proposals aimed at Achieving Applied Results October 2023 March 2024
Call for Scientific Projects aimed at the Empowerment of Women Leaders December 2023 June 2024